Guides & Resources.

Want to learn more about Databricks? We can help. We've written some handy guides and listed ressources we've found helpful when we started our Databricks journey. We keep all these resources up to date so we hope you find these resources handy.

How to run a hello world program in Databricks

A guide on how to run a hello world program in Databricks and Azure.

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The Databricks Resources Page

There is tonnes out of Information out there about Databricks and it can be a bit overwhelming. Where does somebody even start? We have done you a favor and curated a list of learning materials we found useful when we started our Databricks journey and we share with new employees.

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What is Databricks and what’s it used for?

So what exactly is Databricks? Here we explain the jargon and clarify what Databricks is, explore what Databricks can do, who uses Databricks, and answer some commonly asked questions like: ‘what is a data lakehouse?’ and ‘what is a Databricks certification?’

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