The only dedicated Databricks partner in ANZ. We challenge ‘the way things are done’, thinking wider and being more visionary about data.

Our first principles thinking helps create a new vision for your data platform, for the data you collect, or for what you could do with your data.


Cuusoo does data differently and our awesome people enable it.

And we’re part of the Mantel Group, allowing us to tap the experience, expertise and backing of a wide technology professional services team.


We make sure our customers get value from our work and their decisions long after we’ve left.

The only dedicated Databricks partner in Australia and New Zealand.

Our partnership with Databricks is critical to delivering the best possible service and solutions for your business.

We use Databricks to turn the Cuusoo approach into something tangible. Databricks is shifting the thinking on what a data platform can be. It’s powerful and highly scalable. But it’s more than just Spark-in-the-cloud.

Databricks breaks the barrier between data lake and data warehouse using the lakehouse. It's a single, integrated platform for your entire data team. It’s what you would get if you reimagined data today.

Cuusoo is a dedicated Databricks consultancy. We’re the specialist Databricks brand. This differentiates us from others, ensuring we’re across the latest updates, international case studies and training.

Our people are our strength. We keep investing heavily in our team to ensure you get the best. We will soon be the most highly trained and certified Databricks professionals in the Australia and New Zealand region.

All so you can trust us in delivering what will become one of your most important assets: your data platform.

We get the most from Databricks so we can get the best for you.

Looking for a new challenge?

Come build Cuusoo. Together we can reimagine data.