Reimagine data without being limited by the status quo.

Make it happen with Databricks.

Cuusoo is part of Mantel Group

We have access to the scale of Mantel Group, meaning we work closely with our deep knowledge specialist network of teams to create even greater value through design, digital, data, cloud, and security solutions – we seamlessly bring together teams of experts to enable business and technology outcomes.

The only dedicated Databricks consultancy in Australia and New Zealand.

Using Databricks to turn the Cuusoo approach into something tangible for you. Databricks is shifting the thinking on what a data platform can be. It’s powerful and highly scalable. It breaks the barrier between data lake and data warehouse using the lakehouse. It's a single, integrated platform for your entire data team. It’s what you would get if you reimagined data today.

If it’s related to Databricks, we can help.

Like Databricks, we work across Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.


Our partnership with Databricks is critical to delivering the best possible service and solutions for your organisation.

Come build Cuusoo.

Want to be part of building an organisation from inception? One with a strong purpose and a desire to make change in the world of data?

We’re investing heavily in our team to become the most highly trained and certified Databricks professionals in Australia and New Zealand. It’s critical to our high-end delivery. If these ideas excite you, Cuusoo is for you. Together we can reimagine data.


Cuusoo helps businesses reimagine data and its applications using a first principles approach.

As we solve your business problems and realise your opportunities, we don’t let constraints or assumptions from pre-existing processes or platforms limit our ideas.